Classic Group was established almost 3 Decades back with the mission to become a leader in its diverse businesses with the application of experience and ambition. The Group strives to scale new heights and be the leader in all its businesses by providing Consistency, Quality and Trust to all its stake holders including its customers.

We strived hard to finally identify the following as its Core businesses, each running as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU), at the same time identifying itself with the Group’s philosophy of conducting the business:

Coffee: Management of Coffee estates, Export and Domestic sale of green coffee, Retailing of Consumer Packs.

Property: Establishing Quality land banks and Development of it into Gated communities, hi-end apartments etc.

Distribution: Distribution & Promotion of Quality Alcoholic Beverages, Seagrams (Pernod Ricard), Grover wines to mention a few.

Modern Trade Outlet: Retailing of Gourmet Foods

Hospitality: Eco Holiday Homes at Sakleshpur, Karnataka.

The group is not resting on its laurels but striving continually to bring in many more businesses which are synergetic to its present lines of business.

Our Mission Statement: The Classic Kutumba (family) passionately aims to scale new heights of innovation & quality; be a world reference in niche markets of coffee, realty, hospitality, retail, & other related activities, for our stakeholders, through updated & ecologically conscious practices.

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