Ingredients :

Clean Water / Fresh Milk / Classic Mountain Coffee Powder / Classic Pride Coffee Powder / Sugar


  • Wash the Filter with Hot Water before Brewing
  • Place the top vessel of the filter on the Lower one and firmly into the place
  • Remove the Plunger from the Upper vessel of the filter
  • Add Three Table Spoons (35gms) of Classic Mountail / Classic Pride Powder
  • Prepare a Uniform bed of powder and insert the Plunger down
  • Pour 500ml of Freshly boiling water slowly over the Plunger
  • Allow to Bre.gradually the Golden brown aromatic liquid will descent in the Lower vessel
  • Pour out the Coffee extract from the lower vessel into cups. Let your taste buds guide you to make that perfect cup
  • Add fresh hot milk to taste (around 400ml to the entire extract)
  • Add Sugar to taste. Serve Hot




Remove the Lid and the Plunger. Warm the Pot Measure Classic Mountain / Classic Pride Coffee powder into the pot Allowing one level Tablespoon for each cup of average strength brew. However it is best to let your taste buds guide you.

Pour in boiling water, allowing coffee to brew for 5 mins. insert the plunger gently into the Cafetiere, pressing it down to the bottom of the pot. The Brew is ready to be served with fresh hot milk and sugar as per taste.

NOTE : Never reheat the coffee brew as flovors will be lost. Use coffee powder for only one extraction


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