As early as 1880s Mr.Doddasiddalinge Gowda who learn the tricks of the trade, commenced the coffee estate management from Kalledevarapura estates, as the first generation planter.
I S Malle Gowda
D B Manje Gowda

He brought in many new and innovative systems like offering funds to the farmers by way of farm inputs lest the money was spent otherwise, even when the modern banking system was not there to help Coffee Growers.

Inheriting the Kalledevarapura estate from Mr. I.S. Malle Gowda, a well known coffee grower and financier in his time, Mr. D.S. Manje Gowda converted this land into a high yielding beautiful business and home for his wife and children. Kalledevarapura estate is a picturesque estate situated at an altitude of about 4000ft mainly focusing on Arabica.

Mr. D.M. Shankar and Mr. D.M. Purnesh, sons of Mr. D.S. Manje Gowda and the fourth generation coffee growers, continued to develop the Kalledevarapura Estate which now produces some world famous, award winning Arabica coffee.

Together they have :

  • Imbibing Professionalism
  • Improving the staff welfare measures
  • brought in environmentally friendly measures – to mention some of the measures

The brothers have since then ventured into other businesses forming Classic Group, Chain of hi-end retail stores, coffee exports / retail and property development. Coffee being a major part of the culture of the family, Classic Group went on to be actively involved in founding of Specialty Coffee Association of India (Scai). D.M.Purnesh is the Charter Secretary of Scai and has participated as an International Jury of its coffee tatsting / preparation competitions. Classic is also a member of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and America and an active participant in the World Barista Championship (WBC).

Thanks to the Quality standards followed very meticulously, Classic coffee is one of the privileged suppliers to ILLY, the world renowned roasters

The tradition of invention and systems continues even today in the management of the estates and in other departments.

The 5th generation who are well qualified and trained has joined the Team Classic to take the coffee business with greater plans.


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