Our Mentor & Founder-Chairman
Late Dr. Venugopala Reddy

Dr. Reddy as he was known within the group as well as to business associates and friends was one of the main promoter and prime mover of Classic Group. He became the Mentor of the group due to his brilliant business acumen.

The group, due to his visionary nature, got into property development in a very significant way. The property SBU befitted from his application and style of working, brought in after his extensive travel and study of international business practices.



Managing Director & Founder
D. M. Purnesh

D. M. Purnesh is a coffee planter hailing from Chikmagalur, birthplace of coffee in India. He represents the fourth generation of a coffee growing family. Having been brought up in the plantations he has as in-built flair for management of people and systems.

His coffee legacy equipped him with much exposure to international trade. This also necessitated his frequent travel to varied coffee growing and consuming countries, entailing in building up of international contacts.

He is passionate about anything he gets involved in be it business or golf! With Quality as his mantra he strives to break new grounds by taking calculated risks. He is a connoisseur of good music, wine and golf. He enjoys biographies of successful people across all fields and travels with an open mind to countries of different cultures and build collaborations.

Positions held in Group:
Managing Director: Classic Group
Managing Partner: Harley Estates
Positions in other Professional Institutions:
Secretary: Scai (Speciality Coffee Association of India)

Mrs. Saraswathamma Venugopala Reddy
Partner: Classic Alcobev, Classic Properties,
 Not Just Wine & Cheese

Naveen T. V.
Partner: Classic Properties
Director: Technical, Classic Group

I. N. Venkatesh Gowda
Partner: Classic Alcobev, Not Just Wine & Cheese

D.M. Shankar

Partner: Classic Synergy, Classic Properties

Chandini D. Maneesh

Partner: Classic Synergy
Director: Marketing & Administration, Classic Group

Tapaswini D. Purnesh

Partner: Classic Synergy
Director: Marketing & Operation, Classic Synergy

Manjula Reddy

Partner: Classic Properties
Director: Overseas Marketing, Classic Properties

Abhinand D.S
Partner: Classic Synergy


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