Harley estate situated in Sakleshpur in the historic Manjurabad region, Karnataka State is a 4 hour drive from Bangalore.

Birds and animals are spotted in this estate which is also surrounded by streams and a small water fall.

From 1865 this estate was in the hands of the Britishers till 1950.

With a total area of about 460 acres, Harley estate produces Robusta and Arabica being the main varieties of coffee.

Cardamom, areca and vanilla as complementary crops are grown along with coffee.

History of the Estate/Opening
- Early 1860’s
- Harley Estate - 3100 to 3400 ft above Sea Level
Region of Location
- Manjarabad Region (190Kms by road from Bangalore)
Name of the Planter - D M Shankar and D M Purnesh
Acreage - 500 acres
Annual Production -
Type of Cultivation
- Shade Grown
Time of Export - Predominantly silver oak, Jack Fruit & Fig Trees
Type of birds/Animals seen on the estate
- Jungle Pigeon, Owl, Deer, Wild Boar and Fox
Temperature Range
- 14 to 36 Deg. C
- 85 to 120 inches
Harvesting Period - December to March
Time of Export - February to June
Plant Strain

Robusta Peredinia, Arabica-S 795 & No. 9

Type of Harvesting - Hand-picked and sorted after picking
Methodology of Processing - Fermentation, Washing & Soaking
Type of Pollution Control - The water from the pulping station is drained into a larger tank. The water is allowed to evaporate. The solid waste i.e., skin and mucilage are used in composting. All environment friendly measures laid down by the pollution board is strictly adopted.
Type of Packing - 60 kg coffee beans packed in new Ijira ( food grade) hydrocarbon free jute bags
Social Welfare Measures - Free Living quarters with free electricity and water, free education for the labourer’s children, medical facilities, maternity benefits, crèche facility, bonus and incentive schemes, leave with wages.
Longitude - 12° 15’00”
Latitude - 75° 44’00”


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