The group is professionally managed by a cell comprising of the seniors with the guidance of a senior marketing/Hr consultant.

HR is given due prominence as the Group is well aware that Human resource is the most sought after resource and that too, a precious one.

Having realized its importance, the Group has taken care of HR by offering all statutory benefits and other incentives.

Other features of HR activities:

  • It treats its team members as Kutumba.
  • An in-house magazine has been rightly named as “Classic Kutumba” where the Group’s activities / achievements are show-cased for the benefit of all the stake holders.
  • Incentives including foreign trips are organized for the achievers.
  • Special events are organized when entertainment is provided and achievers are recognized
  • Friendly matches/games are organized between the SBUs to inculcate and follow the true spirit of a good sportsperson in the business atmosphere.
  • HR sessions are conducted on various subjects as a tool of training.

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