• Shade grown coffee
  • High elevation coffee which has a distinctive natural flavor
  • Pure beans of Arabica variety of coffee
  • No mix of chicory, which is normally done by many in the coffee business
  • Blended by a world renowned coffee expert
  • Environment friendly package which is unique & attractive, with the best quality standards
  • Information about our coffee provided in an attractive tag to the consumers
  • Highly competitive pricing keeping in view us of premium quality coffee beans

Classic Pride:
A blend of pure coffee – the Arabica & Robusta coffee beans

The epitome of Arabica and Robusta blend, Classic Pride is the splendid culmination of the evolution of coffee aroma. Selectively hand-picked red cherries are carefully processed to harness the essence of the soil. The Arabica beans of Bababudan Hills are infused with the subtlety of Robusta beans from the Manjarabad Region to create a fragrance that is proudly reminiscent of the lost art of coffee making.

Classic Mountain:
A specialty coffee powder Classic Mountain

Grown in the majestic slopes of the Bababudangiri hills, at an elevation of about 4000 ft., above sea level, classic mountain brings together exquisite brew and generations of coffee planting methods. Every cup tells a story of individually hand picked beans washed in clear mountain springs and sun-dried in pristine daylight.

Available at all Modern Trade Outlets across Bangalore. Also, Home delivered anywhere in India, through Indiaplaza.

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