Utmost attention is paid while preparing majority of the specialty coffees both at primary and secondary processing level.

Primary Processing :

  • Ripened berries are selectively hand picked and kept under shade.
  • Pulping is done with totally mechanized with sophisticated equipments.
  • Natural fermentation is a must for flavour development and a high standard of quality.
  • Washed in spring water to remove all the mucilage and soaking the washed beans under fresh water over night is essential for the development of colour and flavour in the bean.
  • Washed coffee is dried on the tray with air blower from below. This is done to evaporate the wet surface of the beans as the earliest.
  • Then coffee is put on the clean brick or cement drying yard for final drying.
  • Slow drying is absolutely necessary under natural lights.

Secondary processing :

  • Coffee is stored in clean environment to obtain excellent colour coffee beans
  • Natural dried beans are hulled and they are cured at curing house
  • After machine processing, they are manually garbled and packed in hydrocarbon free IJERA bags to retain the characteristic flavours.
  • Grading of coffee beans at curing level involving separation of beans according to size, shape, color and density followed by meticulous garbing improves the quality
Coffee Produce

Classic Synergy India has been exporting specialty coffee and other grades of raw coffee since the last two decades to the US, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. Generations of coffee cultivation experience has given the added advantage in building a better clientele across the globe.

Grade that we currently offer:

  • Plantation A
  • Plantation B
  • Plantation PB
  • Arabica Cherry AB
  • Arabica Cherry PB
  • Arabica Cherry Bulk
  • Robusta Parchment AB
  • Robusta Parchment PB
  • Robusta Parchment Bulk
  • Robusta Cherry AB
  • Robusta Cherry PB
  • Robusta Cherry Bulk

Our Speciality Coffees:

  • Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold (MNEB)
  • Honey Sundried
  • Premium and Special Prep.
  • Robusta Kaapi Royale
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